Gypsies, Tramps
and Tweed

Written & Directed by Rebecca McCauley

Starring: Presley Tweed as himself

Featuring: Special appearances by Jessica Carabajal, Scotty Taylor, Paige Damron, Carmen Deveraux, Joe Cox, Courtney Hahne, Kaleb Bruza, Todd Clark, Cassidy Queerface, Holly McNatt, Abby Tresner, Lauren Thompson, Morgan Brown, Rebecca McCauley, and introducing Keith Ferguson as “Telethon Phone Operator.”

Come see the best show ever in the history of ever! Gypsies, Tramps, and Tweed is a brand new musical variety show experience, ready to take the audience on an unprecedented journey. This musical fable, suggested by the unpublished memoirs of Presley Tweed himself, tells the story of a band of travelling show biz roustabouts and their struggles to find fame. Their founding member, Presley Tweed, seems to get the troupe into trouble around every corner, even though his intentions are almost always somewhat good. Love, fame, friendship, and the human condition are explored through the power of popular music and showtunes.

June 6, 7, 12, 13, 14

Dinner begins  at 6:30pm
Show begins at 8:00pm

The Boom!

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